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Alpha Chi Omega is more than three Greek letters.  It is a home for Real. Strong. Women.  Alpha Chi aims to shape the future through the powerful transformative and everlasting connections of the women of Alpha Chi Omega. The bonds of sisterhood are a life-changing experience that opens a whole new world of opportunities and growth. Members of the Zeta Nu chapter are inspired to connect, lead, grow and serve through fundraising and stewardship.  The leadership and service experiences Alpha Chi offers empower our members to make a positive impact on their communities and the world.   

Recruitment registration for fall 2021 is now open!


2020 Recruitment

A Letter From Our President

On behalf of Zeta Nu Alpha Chi, welcome to our website! I want to start out by letting you know whether you know a member or are just passing through, that this is a group of girls who are cherished as they are. Alpha Chi stands behind the phrase “Real. Strong. Women.” and the impression that takes on this chapter has shown what I know will be our future Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs, and women who set the bar higher every day.  This is a chapter of continual growth for everyone who comes across our path. 


I am extremely grateful to serve as the Chapter President for this year alongside 14 other Executive Board members and 296 lovely young women. With a chapter of this great size comes great accomplishments, drive, and teamwork. Who would have thought that when I accepted my bid in 2019 I would be here, leading my best friends? Alpha Chi Omega is a sisterhood of power, strength, and friendship that will last a lifetime, and I know in my heart that I have found that here. 


This chapter is partnered locally with Phoebe’s Home, a safe haven for women, men, and children who need safety from Domestic Violence. Phoebe’s Home continues to make a lasting impact on our women that will stay with them their entire life, even after Texas A&M and their collegiate Alpha Chi experience. Domestic Violence Awareness is something that every Alpha Chi is passionate about because of its possibility to hit so close to home. We want each victim to know that this chapter of Alpha Chi stands with them. 


This chapter has shown me a sisterhood like no other.  Coming from high school, I had a great sense of who I was but college is also about finding out who you want to be. I knew going into recruitment that the girls I surrounded myself with would have a large impact on me. Alpha Chi Omega showed me not just who I wanted to be, but also what impact I wanted to have on those around me. Before I was never one to leave my comfort zone, but Alpha Chi has pushed me to try out for things I never thought I could do earlier. College can be overwhelming at times. Young women need all of the support and relatability they can get. I have found a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader in any life victory (big and small!), and an ear when I need to talk about anything. This sorority hasn’t just made my college experience better, it has made my attitude, life, and overall self better. 


Thank you for visiting our website, and I hope that you get to know our young women and alumna, as they are truly Real. Strong. Women. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, our lines of communication are always open and are listed under our contact tab. Feel free to email me personally at aggieaxochapterpresident@gmail.com 


Gig ‘Em and God Bless,


Ellison Marquette ‘23

Aggie AXO President