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Recruitment Information

Texas A&M University Panhellenic Recruitment dates are still being decided upon.

Registration for Recruitment will open mid-august. The link to the Texas A&M Panhellenic website is for further information on Fall 2023 recruitment.

For Fall 2023 Formal Recruitment at Texas A&M University the recruitment process will be both in-person and virtual.  Go Greek and Philanthropy rounds will be held virtually for all sororities and Sisterhood, Preference, and Bid Day will be held in person.  For further details,  you may visit the 2023 Recruitment Guide and PNM Orientation at Texas A&M Panhellenic linked below. 

Additionally, Alpha Chi Omega is accepting Third-Party Recommendation Letters that can be emailed to our Recruitment Chair, Nola Becker

Why Alpha Chi?

So the big question is why.  Why Alpha Chi?  There are so many wonderful sororities and each one is a perfect fit for someone. 


At Alpha Chi, the words REAL. STRONG. WOMAN. is more than a motto.  But beyond that are many more.  For us words like friendly, outgoing, motivated, diverse, supportive, and the most common one is home.  Alpha Chi Omega is home.  A place where you can be yourself as you find yourself growing and learning in your college years.  Alpha Chi Omega is a place where you can be encouraged to soar to new heights and reach your best potential.  


Alpha Chi Omega is home.


A Letter From Our VP of Recruitment

Dear PNMs,


I could not be more ecstatic that you have chosen to go through the recruitment process at Texas A&M! It is something that you never truly understand the impact of until you are on the inside looking out. As I embraced the recruitment process, I was able to go beyond my comfort zone and seek opportunities and friendships I thought I could only dream of. Now it is your turn to go through one of the most fulfilling experiences and make such dreams a reality.

Going through this process can be nerve-wracking and scary. However, I can assure you, we are just as nervous as you are. With that being said, through the process, trust your heart and be unapologetically you. Hold tight to the moments that come with ease and that give you a glimpse of home. Enjoy this time and all it has to offer. I know you will find your home that just pulls at your heartstrings with comfort, ease, and love as I have with Alpha Chi Omega. I wish you the best and cannot wait to see the fulfillment sisterhood has to offer you.


Nola Becker ‘25

Texas A&M Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment Video 2023

Texas A&M Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment Video 2023

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